1. Advertising
  2. Mass Communication
  3. Public Relation
  4. Journalism
  5. Visual Communications

POSTGRADUATE STUDIES BAC+5:     Masters Programmes:

  1. Advertising and Public Relations
  2. Mass Communication and Journalism

Programme Requirement

Application Requirements

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into degree programmes on a full-time basis in the following Colleges and Departments of the University.



Completing a Mass Communication Degree will allow students to study and analyze diverse sorts of mass media and even more importantly, facilitates gainful and successful engagement of students in the continually evolving field. A degree in Mass Communication is an interdisciplinary course of study and open doors to a spectrum of careers, ranging from advertising, broadcasting to public relations and publishing.

Duration: 4 years, Degree: B.Sc. Requirements: With options in Journalism and Online Mass Communication and Broadcast. (4 years). Candidates must, in addition, possess a credit level passes in Literature in English and any other two (2) subjects.   Apply Now


This dynamic course focuses on current international topics and subjects, covering the fields of political theory, international relations theory, foreign policy, strategic studies and political history.

Duration: 4 years, Degree: B.Sc. Requirements: Candidates must in addition possess credit level passes in one (1) of Government or History and any two (2) other subjects from Social Science, Commercial or Arts.  Apply Now