Mass Communication



The mass communication program is based on the premise that communication is fundamental to creation of human communities and social institutions all over the world. The philosophy of the program is targeted at exposing the students to all forms of communication in its ramifications and to encourage students to specialize in any of their desired interest for the advancement of knowledge and professionalism.


  1. Upon graduation, the student must have grasped the full essence of communication in  society;
  2. Would have acquired adequate skills that would enable him to function properly in an intricate,   complex and dynamic society;
  3. Would not need to be trained or retrained before he could fit into the job market;
  4. Would be able to use his skill to promote harmony and concord among the citizens;
  5. Would have learn and assimilated the ethics and values of good professional conduct that would enable him perform his functions with fairness, justice and equity.


The programme leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communication


In addition to the requirements set out by the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, a student wishing to take Mass Communication as a major course for B.Sc. (Mass Communication) degree (single honour) must also satisfy the following conditions.

  1. Four-Year Degree Programme

Application under this category must satisfy the following conditions:.

  1. The applicant must have obtained a minimum of five credits, including English Language, one other Arts subject and any other subjects at not more than two sittings in the WASCE/GCE/NECO/SSCE examinations.
  2. Direct Entry – Three-Year Degree Programme

To qualify for the direct entry programme into the Department of Mass Communication for a degree programme, candidate must possess, in addition to (1b) above, at least two papers taken and passed at not more than two sittings in the GCE/AL/NCE (with English Language combination) or Diploma in Mass Communication, Public Relations, NIPR, APCON, BEEC in Advertising and Public Relations, NIJ, etc. of the University or any institution recognize by the TSFT. Such certificates must have been passed at least at the Lower Credit Level.


Requirements for the Award of B.Sc. Degree in Mass Communication

  1. The programme of study shall be provided leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in the Department to be noted as B.Sc. (Mass Communication) which may be awarded with honours or as a pass degree.
  2. The minimum number of course units to be passed for the award of a degree shall be 140. In addition the students must satisfy the faculty and departmental requirements as well as the University regulations guiding General Studies (GST).
  3. Each student must register for a minimum of 18 units and a maximum of 24 units per semester, which shall include all the compulsory and required courses.
  4. Each student must pass at least 30 units at 100 and 200 levels out of which 21 units must be from Mass Communication, 6 units from student’s second department.A minimum of 30 units each must also be obtained at 300 and 400 levels.