ABOUT Centre de Perfectionnement aux Techniques Economiques et Commerciales (Center for Development in Economic and Commercial Techniques)

Centre de Perfectionnement aux Techniques Economiques et Commerciales (Center for Development in Economic and Commercial Techniques)  (www.cptecedu.org)  planned to commence academic session in a couple of weeks. CPTEC is a private university whose objective is to take the Africans to the next level through effective manpower training in technology and management thereby contributing to the technological development of the sub region and effective management of available resources for nation building and vocational training in all sectors capable of contributing to the integration of students in modern society and development actors operating in Africa and around the world.
CPTEC started as Davids Graduate School of Finance in 2004 offering specialized trainings in finance through Custom Street & Associate and Davids Business School; with mandate of human capacity development service to the emerging markets financial industry. Over the years, it has developed numerous qualified stockbrokers and finance professionals that are leading the industry. Hence, recently licensed to offer numerous other customized, dynamic and technological based courses as a full university by the Ministry of Higher Education in Togo covering engineering, law, management and finance, applied and social sciences etc.


Its aim is to convey knowledge that sweeps away ignorance for scientific research and professional training in every area that can contribute to the insertion of the students in a modern society and to the improvement of development actors in Africa as well as in the whole world. In order to achieve its objective, CPTEC has undertaken a qualitative step that consists into defining some programs of training and Technology and more particularly in order to be in adequacy with the employment market at Africa level, worldwide and Togo as the starting point. In this context, CPTEC wishes to bring an innovative response to crucial challenges affecting African society in general; and thinks particularly of the pedagogic, educational and cultural development and to the potential human exodus towards other countries which seem better. It also thinks of the passivity and social dependence.


CPTEC boast of the services of leading Professors and professionals in all the key fields locally and abroad with the commitment to change the current position of human capital development; while focusing on development of leading experts to lead the key sector of the regional (West Africa), continent (Africa) and other emerging economies in technology, finance, law, health care and sciences, social sciences and professional human capital development; while customized its curriculum to meet the dynamic nature of the environmental sustainable developmental goals expectations.



To be the leading Investment and Technology University in Africa; offering dynamic and developmental curriculum that will affect the global economies positively



To offer a world class Training in Investment and Technology with customized education towards the current needs and dynamic growth of organisations within the Financial Markets; Industrial Development, and promoting Innovative Research in these fields. To attract leading researchers and professionals in these field of study to the continent of Africa.